Nordic Council presents initiatives to combat antibiotic resistance

04.04.17 | News
Whitepaper 12 initiatives
During the Nordic Council’s theme session in Stockholm, the council’s politicians presented a “white book” outlining 12 concrete proposals for Nordic initiatives in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

“Antibiotic resistance is a subject that has captivated me since I was Norwegian minister of agriculture in the late ‘90s and throughout my involvement in Nordic co-operation. This is one of the most important issues of our time, which is why I’m especially pleased that the Nordic Council has today presented a comprehensive plan to combat antibiotic resistance by way of concrete proposals,” says Henrik Dam Kristensen from Denmark, who has been the president of the Nordic Council on two occasions.

Politicians want a long-term Nordic strategy

Antibiotic resistance requires a cross-sectoral approach nationally, regionally, and internationally. All relevant sectors must be involved as part of a coordinated effort. The problem cannot be solved without targeted political action.

The Nordic Council wants a long-term Nordic strategy with the following objectives:

  • Reduce the need for antibiotic treatment through vaccinations and the prevention of infection
  • Limit the use of antibiotics to treat humans and animals
  • Collate knowledge on distribution patterns and the spread of antimicrobial resistance, and on the optimal use of existing antibiotics and vaccines
  • Secure incentives for the development of new health technology, innovative medicine, and vaccines
“There is broad support within the Nordic Council for pursuing this issue further both within the Nordic Region and internationally. Antibiotic resistance is a very serious problem, and the Nordic Region is at the forefront of limiting their use, so we have a lot to offer,” says Staffan Danielsson from Sweden, member of the Nordic Council.

Nordic co-operation on combating antimicrobial resistance

“The white book” is available in Danish and English:

“Limiting the use of antibiotics and maintaining a generally critical and restrictive approach to medicine is just one of the twelve proposals in the Nordic Council’s white book on the fight against antibiotic resistance. The white book provides a number of effective and concrete proposals which, I am delighted to announce, have been adopted by the Nordic Council today,” says Bente Stein Mathisen, chair of the welfare committee for the Nordic Region.