Too Good To Go app wins the Nordic Council Environment Prize

01.11.16 | News
Nordisk Råds miljøpris 2016
Magnus Fröderberg/
The Danish app Too Good To Go was awarded the Nordic Council Environment Prize at the Nordic Council prize award ceremony in Copenhagen.

The two directors Stian Olesen and Klaus Pedersen were presented with the prize of DKK 350,000 by last year’s environment prize winner, Hákun Djurhuus, at the DR Concert Hall.

The adjudication committee writes:

The Too Good To Go app is a digital innovation that uses simple and informal means to change the way that both consumers and businesses approach food waste and the consumption of resources. The company helps restaurants and food businesses to sell surplus food to the public, who in turn can buy the food at an affordable price. This is a concept that can inspire other industries to take similar steps. Already it has spread to several other countries. The initiative is in line with new global targets for sustainable development that focus on reducing food waste and general resource consumption.

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