About the Nordic Council’s prizes

Utdelning av Nordiska rådets priser
Magnus Fröderberg/norden.org
The Nordic Council awards five prizes every year: The Literature Prize, the Film Prize, the Music Prize, the Environment Prize, and the Children and Young People’s Literature Prize.

The Nordic Council’s prizes contribute to increasing visibility for the close cultural co-operation in the Nordic Region. The objective of the cultural prizes is to increase interest in Nordic literature, language, film and music. The Environment Prize rewards extraordinary efforts towards a more sustainable Nordic Region.

The Nordic Council’s prizes are considered to be amongst the most prestigious prizes in the Nordic Region and enjoy great international recognition. The Literature Prize is the oldest of the five prizes. It was first awarded in 1962 and was followed by the Music Prize in 1965, the Environment Prize in 1995, the Film Prize in 2002, and the Children and Young People’s Literature Prize in 2013. The five prize committees select the nominees and winners.

The prizes are each worth DKK 300,000 and are awarded in conjunction with the Nordic Council’s annual Session.