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Benjamin Hardman
Sustainable tourism protects the Arctic fox

The Arctic fox, also known as the polar fox (Vulpes lagopus), is Iceland’s only indigenous land mammal and plays an important role in the island’s ecosystem. However, due to climate change, many years of persecution by humans and loss of habitat to the invasive red fox, it is now under serious threat of extinction globally. By focusing on the species’ importance to the ecosystem in Iceland, and countering the prejudice that the Arctic fox is a destructive pest, Borea Adventures is trying to change the public’s perception of the small predators.

The company is also working closely with researchers from the Icelandic Institute of Natural History and the Arctic Fox Center to ensure that their operation is run in a professional and sustainable way.

Borea Adventures’ activities show that the protection of biodiversity can go hand in hand with sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism contributes to biodiversity and work to preserve the original nature

Rúnar Karlsson, Borea Adventures