Line Tjørnhøj

 Line Tjørnhøj

Line Tjørnhøj - foto Kaare Viemose

Kaare Viemose
Line Tjørnhøj is nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize for the work ENTMENSCHT (for vocal ensemble) (2018).


“I’m full of fear for the future!”, said composer Line Tjørnhøj in a conversation about the work ENTMENSCHT – a vocal stage work.


ENTMENSCHT was created before the pandemic hit, and before what we never thought would happen in our time took place: War in Europe. It tackles two of the most extreme and expressive artist personalities in the history of art, both from the turn of the 20th century, and it was perhaps exactly there that the foundation of our modern fears had been laid: The fear of destructive inhumanity. The human voice is very much in focus in Tjørnhøj’s music. As in several other of her works, universal and often painful aspects of our existence are delved into through a virtuoso exploration of the voice – its possibilities and limits, and the bonds between voices . The work has been created in collaboration with the visual artist Signe Klejs and the equilibrist vocal ensemble Theatre of Voices.


With “the scream as a leitmotif”, ENTMENSCHT explores the boundary between humanity and inhumanity. ENTMENSCHT is a touching and shocking musical work whose themes and expressions are frightfully relevant at this time.