Carsten Aniksdal
Super Silent are among the 13 nominations for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2017.

Supersilent (Arve Henriksen, Ståle Storløkken and Helge Sten) makes improvised music that merges electronic and acoustic sounds in a spirit of great openness and artistic curiosity. The group formed 20 years ago and has released 13 albums – the first eight as a quartet with drummer Jarle Vespestad.

Free improvisation and focusing on sound rather than the source of it are the main pillars of Supersilent’s work. Sten was one of the first musicians in Norway to use as his main form of expression what he refers to as “audio virus” – noise and electronic effects. Henriksen (trumpet, vocals and percussion) and Storløkken (piano) also often set aside their primary instruments in favour of less conventional sound sources.

While recording the album 9, all three artists focused on channelling a Hammond organ through digital effects. The tracks have no titles, only numbers, which encourages the listener to imbue the music with their own meaning. The music is at once free and open, but also very carefully considered, and provides a fascinating insight into the sound artists’ laboratory.

As artists, producers and collaborators, Supersilent have had a huge influence on the creative scene.