Unn Paturson

Unn Paturson

Unn Paturson - foto Lín Patursom

Lín Patursom
Unn Paturson is nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize for the work 1902 (album) (2021).


With the release of the album 1902, composer Unn Paturson has managed to reinterpret traditional music of the Faroe Islands in a way that is both exciting and captivating for the modern listener. The original Faroese melodies have all been arranged for a female vocal quintet (ensemble KATA) of which Unn Paturson is also an ensemble member. Although KATA’s first collaboration revolved around their fascination with Bulgarian folk music, few or no traces of that initial inspiration are to be heard in this new album.


The title of the album refers to the year when traditional Faroese music was first recorded on a phonograph.


Most of the melodies are quite old, some of them originating from medieval times. Their lyrical and spiritual qualities are further enhanced by a sparse use of electronics, percussion and other instruments resulting in a fascinating musical expression which appears modern and ancient at the same time.