21.04.20 | News

Food policy in the Corona-crisis: share your best ideas

Empty supermarket shelves. Missing seasonal workers in the fields. Closed restaurants and cafés. These are some of the tell-tale signs of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Nordic region, if not the world. At the same time, we also see more people cultivating gardens and chefs using food surp...

03.12.19 | News

Food makes youth climate superheroes

Young farmer cuts greenhouse gas emissions by half, vegan blogger redesigns the idea of comfort food and policymakers discuss innovative tools for climate action. During COP25 the Nordic Food Policy Lab brings new voices, ideas and concrete actions to the table that can help accelerate ...

24.09.19 | Information

The Foreign desk: Social Gastronomy

Michael Booth hears how the Social Gastronomy movement is using food and farming to change Nordic society, one meal at a time.