08.10.19 | News

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2022: join in the work

Experts from the Nordic region and beyond are now being invited to participate in an open collaboration on the 2022 edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, which form the basis for nutrition policies and dietary guidelines in all of the Nordic countries. Everybody is invited to...

05.06.19 | News

Gastronomy solutionists from four continents at EAT 2019

Can gastronomy help to address some of the most pressing global challenges? The Nordic Food Policy Lab, Hivos, WWF, Slow Food International, IFOAM, Ethos Mexico and FUCOGA think so. Join us to meet pioneers and frontrunners from four continents sharing behind-the-scenes insights and str...

01.02.19 | Information

Ahora en español: Menú de soluciones – Una guía nórdica para políticas alimentarias sostenibles