05.06.19 | News

Gastronomy solutionists from four continents at EAT 2019

Can gastronomy help to address some of the most pressing global challenges? The Nordic Food Policy Lab, Hivos, WWF, Slow Food International, IFOAM, Ethos Mexico and FUCOGA think so. Join us to meet pioneers and frontrunners from four continents sharing behind-the-scenes insights and str...

04.06.19 | News

The winners of the Embla Food Award 2019

Denmark, Finland and the Faroe Islands were the big winners at the second Nordic Food Awards “Embla”. World famous food visionary Claus Meyer and up and coming entrepreneurs like Gimburlombini, and Bondens Skafferi were among those who scooped the seven prizes.

12.07.19 | Information

Raising the status of gender equality and diversity in the food world

Looking from the outside in, it appears that the Nordics have it all figured out. High rankings on the United Nations Human Development Index. Top of the class in social trust. Champions of the Sustainable Development Goals. And world leaders in gender equality. However, this does not m...