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Practical Methods for Assessing Private Climate Finance Flows

10.02.14 | Nyhet
There are ample opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a relatively low cost and with co-benefits, such as improved air quality. In order to tap into this potential in developing countries, various forms of support are needed, including financing. In this context, the Nordic Council of Ministers is pleased to release the report Practical Methods for Assessing Private Climate Finance Flows.

Practical Methods for Assessing Private Climate Finance Flows illustrates a number of methodological options for estimating private flows mobilised by developed countries through their use of public financial instruments.  The report highlights the complexity and variety of options to estimate mobilised private climate finance, and therefore the need for methodological transparency by those researching this topic, organisations providing climate finance through multilateral and bilateral channels, as well as Parties negotiating under the UNFCCC.

The findings of this study will hopefully contribute to the development of systems for tracking mobilised private climate finance that balance transparency and resource efficiency and contribute to the overall effectiveness of climate finance. 

The study has been carried out by Gaia Consulting Ltd and Overseas Development Institute (ODI) for NOAK, a working group under the Nordic Council of Ministers. This report is the first piece published under the OECD’s Research Collaborative on Tracking Private Climate Finance, an international research initiative and network hosted and co-ordinated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. It will be complemented by other on-going activities investigating broader approaches for estimating mobilised private climate finance arising from the use of both direct (finance) and indirect public interventions (such as policies), as well as underlying market conditions.

Free download of the report here: Practical Methods for Assessing Private Climate Finance Flows

Further details are available here: The OECD’s Research Collaborative website

More information on NOAK here: The Nordic working group for global climate negotiations (NOAK)