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Johan Rockström to open the Nordic Pavilion at COP27

07.11.22 | Nyhet
Professor Johan Rockström  STH +50

Professor Johan Rockström at the Stockholm +50 Climate Conference May 2022. 

Fredrik Persson/TT/Ritzau Scanpix

Professor Johan Rockström at the Stockholm +50 Climate Conference in May.

Together with Danish Youth delegate and EU Youth delegate, Nadia Gullestrup Christensen, Professor Johan Rockström will discuss how to break the curve by 2030.

Every morning in the Nordic Pavilion, we’ll take a closer look at the future within a dialogue series focusing on the Nordics in 2050 and how to break the curve by 2030. On the opening day we have the pleasure of welcoming Nadia Gullestrup Christensen and Johan Rockström to the stage.

Join us, when two knowledgeable and visionary voices share their reflections on the urgency needed in transforming our societies into a 1.5-degree compatible world. Together they will paint the bigger picture sharing with us perspectives from science and youth on the transition so greatly needed.

The following mornings we will zoom in on specific sectors inviting them to give their view on the green transition of the Nordics and their visions for net-zero societies in 2050. What changes need to be made and how will they impact our day-to-day lives? What are the implications for Nordic societies and what societies do we want and need?

Start your mornings with us

The morning sessions are arranged by The Nordic Council of Ministers as part of the series Nordic Talks. Nordic Talks are a series of talks and podcast episodes addressing the biggest global challenges.

The morning talks are moderated by André Jamholdt.

The event will be streamed on the Nordic Cooperation’s web site.

Time and place:

The Nordics 2050: What could the future look like?
09.30-10.00 on Tuesday 8th November.
The Nordic Pavilion / P90, Blue zone.

Johan Rockström, Director of PIK, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Nadia Gullestrup Christensen, Youth delegate to the Danish Delegation to the UNFCCC and to the EU.