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LAMPA 2023: WORKSHOP - Dialogues in Democracy

10.06.23 | Evenemang
Dialogues in Democracy is a chance for everyone to learn and practise dialogue skills and become a better interlocutor. Everyone is welcome - introverts, extroverts, young people, seniors, those who love to talk and those who know how to listen.


19:00 - 20:30

Conversation Festival LAMPA


Dialogue is a method of democratic negotiation in which a person can better understand the issue at hand, other people's thoughts and his or her own position.

Dialogue is not about proving one's point of view or achieving unanimity, but good dialogue is a way for people to come to new solutions and insights together and to maintain a human connection with each other.

Dialogue enables people to hear and understand the experiences that have shaped people’s views, and to see the wider world. Because good conversations inspire, heal and ultimately build a democratic country.

Workshop led by Kai Alhanen, philosopher, author of "Dialogues in Democracy" and developer of the "Timeout" model (Finland).


Workshop in English, Latvian translation will be provided.