Citizenship in Sweden

Statsborgerskab i Sverige
How you and your child get Swedish citizenship or dual citizenship.

Swedish citizenship at birth

The citizenship of a child at birth depends on the citizenship of the parents.

A child born after 1 April 2015 automatically becomes a Swedish citizen, regardless of where the child was born, if one of the parents is a Swedish citizen.

A child born before 1 April 2015 in another country than Sweden, with a Swedish father and a foreign mother, and where the parents are not married to each other, does not automatically become a Swedish citizen. In order for the child to become a Swedish citizen, the child’s father must submit a notification of Swedish citizenship for the child. The child can also become a Swedish citizen if the parents later get married to each other and the child is under 18 and unmarried.

How your child gets citizenship in another Nordic country

If your child is to have citizenship of another Nordic country, you should contact the consulate of the applicable country in Sweden. The consulate can give you more information and issue a passport of that country to your child. You must present a birth certificate (födelsebevis) and your marriage certificate (äktenskapsbevis), or a certificate of parentage (bevis på föräldraskapet) if you and the other parent are not married.

Dual citizenship

Like the other Nordic countries, Sweden allows dual citizenship. Consequently, if you are a Swedish citizen and become a citizen of another Nordic country, you may retain your Swedish citizenship.

All Nordic countries allow a child to have more than one citizenship at birth. However, the Nordic countries have regulations stipulating that the child may automatically lose their citizenship if the child has not lived in the country before their 22nd birthday.

Nordic citizens who want to become Swedish citizens

As a citizen in a Nordic country, you can become a Swedish citizen in two ways: by notification (anmälan) or by application (ansökan).

Swedish citizenship by notification

If you are a Nordic citizen, you may under certain conditions become a Swedish citizen by submitting notification. If you submit a notification of Swedish citizenship, you become a Swedish citizen from the time your notification arrives at the County Council (Länsstyrelsen) if you satisfy the requirements. The County Council sends a certificate of your Swedish citizenship home to you.

To become a Swedish citizen by notification, you must have:

  • reached the age of 18
  • been living in Sweden for five years
  • not been sentenced to prison or other form of detention during the last five years
Swedish citizenship by application

If you do not satisfy the conditions for Swedish citizenship by submitting notification, as a Nordic citizen you may apply for Swedish citizenship by application. You send your application to the Swedish Migration Agency. You must:

  • be able to prove your identity
  • have reached the age of 18
  • have been living in Sweden for two years
  • have conducted yourself well in Sweden, and must be expected to lead an honourable lifestyle.

Non-Nordic citizens who want to become Swedish citizens

If you are a citizen of a non-Nordic country, you must apply for Swedish citizenship through the Swedish Migration Agency.

Legislation on Swedish citizenship

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