Financial support for assistive devices in Iceland

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Financial support for assistive devices

Here you can read about possibilities for getting support for assistive devices that you may need for a longer or shorter period of time. For example, due to disability or chronic illness, and also assistive devices that are needed temporarily, for example, following operations.

If you live in Iceland, are a citizen of another Nordic country and need assistive devices, you have the same right to apply for public support as other health insured people in Iceland.

For what assistive devices is support available?

If you have health insurance in Iceland, you can apply for support from Icelandic Health Insurance both for the assistive devices that you need for daily living and for care and treatment.

You can get more information about assistive devices and services for them on the website of Icelandic Health Insurance.

Examples of the assistive devices where Icelandic Health Insurance contributes to the purchase cost:

Automobile devices

Icelandic Health Insurance will pay for or participate in the purchase of necessary assistive devices according to certain rules.

This applies to various types of equipment for automobiles which are necessary due to the driver's disability. For example, grants for automatic transmission, special modifications to the brakes and the accelerator, and a car lift for wheelchair users.

Assistive devices for use in schools

Icelandic Health Insurance may provide support for two assistive devices of the same type to severely disabled children and adolescents who because of schooling (in preschool and compulsory school) or stay in training and day care institutions would otherwise have to be without their aids through the day.

Assistive devices in health care institutions, day and residential care institutions

Icelandic Health Insurance does not pay support for assistive devices to persons admitted to medical institutions.  The same applies to seniors’ institutions, residential institutions, children's care homes and other similar institutions.  In such cases, the hospital or institution in question must provide residents with all assistive devices.

Who should you contact if you have any questions?

If you would like further information on assistive devices, you can contact the customer service of Icelandic Health Insurance by telephone 515-0000.

You can also send inquiries to the following emails:

General inquiries:

Disposable assistive devices:

Hearing aid grants:

Nutrition and special diets:

Support and treatment devices: equipment

Technical aids:

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