Looking for work in Norway

Jobbsøking i Norge
This page contains information about how to find job vacancies in Norway.

In Norway, you normally look for job vacancies on websites such as nav.no, in newspaper advertisements, and by visiting the websites of companies and organisations. You can also send open applications directly to the relevant employers, or you can be recruited through a temporary employment agency or a staffing agency.

The public employment service in Norway is organised under the Labour and Welfare Administration, NAV. Its website includes one of Norway’s biggest portals for job vacancies. You can search specifically by profession, employer, geographical area and employment type (full-time, part-time, temporary). You can also register as unemployed, and can have your own page where you can store employment searches, display your CV, and receive notification when applicable jobs are advertised. If you make your CV available, employers can contact you directly.

Applying for jobs through the European employment agency, EURES

You can start your search for a job in Norway via the public employment service in your home country. A EURES advisor in your home country can help you. In Norway, EURES is a service integrated in NAV.

Looking for work in Norway with unemployment benefits from another Nordic country

If you move to Norway from a Nordic country or another EU/EEA country, you can receive unemployment benefits from your country’s social insurance authority for three months while you look for work. You must be receiving unemployment benefits and satisfy any other conditions before you move.

If you do not find work in Norway within the three months, you must return to the country in which you are covered by unemployment insurance to retain the right to unemployment benefits.

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