Rehabilitation in Greenland

Revalidering i Grønland
Here you can read about possibilities and rights in connection with rehabilitation in Greenland.

Rehabilitation assistance is provided to persons who have difficulty taking an active part in the labour market, for example due to health challenges, physical or mental disability or social reasons such as long-term unemployment or stressful personal or family circumstances.

The purpose of rehabilitation in Greenland is to help people with reduced working capacity to enter the labour market, so that they can better support themselves and their families.

What possibilities exist in Greenland?

Majoriaq is an offer to the unemployed, and is available in all towns in Greenland. The Majoriaq centres are run by the local authority and assist unemployed citizens with case management and guidance in relation to education and the labour market.

Majoriaq is in contact with the business community and can put job seekers in touch with workplaces. In addition, Majoriaq offers both academic and non-academic skills enhancement to job seekers who wish to improve their chances of getting a job or being admitted to a study programme.

In this way, the centres function as a gateway for the unemployed to education, the labour market and the business community. If an unemployed person requires special help to enter the labour market, the caseworker will draw up a rehabilitation plan in collaboration with the unemployed person that aims to produce the best solution for that person. The plan might for example include:

  • Qualifications improvement or education
  • Other skills enhancement activities
  • Enterprise rehabilitation

Prior to rehabilitation, the unemployed person must take part in a clarification process, followed by a trial work period.

If all possibilities for employment under normal conditions have been exhausted, a person may be offered a flex job. In a flex job, a person can work reduced hours for normal wages, part of which is paid by the public authorities.

Are you entitled to rehabilitation in Greenland?

The municipality will take the final decision on whether you can be offered rehabilitation by examining a number of eligibility criteria.

There is no requirement for you to have been resident for a particular period in order to be entitled to rehabilitation or flex jobs in Greenland.

What if you move to another Nordic country?

If a stay abroad in another Nordic country is part of your rehabilitation plan, you can take your rehabilitation assistance with you. This must also be approved by the country to which you are moving.

You cannot on the other hand take a flex job with you if you move away from Greenland.

How to apply

The Majoriaq centres administer applications for rehabilitation.

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