Student financial aid in Åland

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Here you can read about how to finance your studies if you come to Åland to study. You can read about student financial aid, which can consist of study grant, adult study grant, student housing supplement, provider supplement etc.

Åland has its own student financial aid legislation and is similar to the Finnish system. In Åland it is AMS that deals with everything  related to student financial aid. You need to meet certain criteria in order to be entitled to student financial aid from Åland.

Who is entitled to apply for student financial aid in Åland?

AMS in Åland has a webpage for foreign students which describes the requirements for receiving student financial aid in Åland. Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance in good time.

Study grant

The amount depends on your age, education, type of accommodation, academic performance, full-time or part-time studies, your income in the months you receive student financial aid and your parents’ income (applies to persons aged 17).

Adult study grant

This is intended for students aged 30-59 going from working life to studies. The amount is based on your income before starting your studies.

Housing allowance

The allowance is granted for student housing, which can be rented or owner-occupied housing.

Provider supplement

If you are a student and you are the guardian of children aged under 18 you can be granted provider supplement. This is granted to one parent who is studying. All student financial aid amounts (not governement guarantees) are index-linked to the consumer price index and are adjusted every academic year.

Government guarantees for study loans

The Government of Åland guarantees study loans, which means that no other security is required. Study loans are bank loans and as a student you must agree the repayment schedule and the interest with your bank. Your creditworthiness is checked when you apply for a government guarantee.

Taxable income

Your income as a student during student financial aid months affects your student financial aid.

Extra supplement for 17-year-olds

17-year-olds can get an extra supplement to their study loan depending on their parents’ income.

More information

Students from Finland apply for student financial aid via Kela. Remember that if you are a student from Finland you are still entitled to housing supplement if you study in Åland. Students from Sweden apply for study finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN).

Contact the authority

If you have questions about student financial aid in Åland, you can contact the Åland Labour Market and Student Service Authority.

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