Trade unions in Åland

Fackföreningar på Åland
Here you can read about trade unions and their unemployment funds in Åland as well as who you can contact locally at the occupational health and safety authority. The local representatives of the trade unions in Åland are also listed in this section.

Trade unions

Most trade unions in Finland belong to one of the three large central organisations. Unions in Åland are part of the Finnish organisations.

In Åland the public sector has the right to negotiate and negotiations are conducted together with employers for local collective agreements. The private sector generally follows the Finnish generally binding collective agreements. In Åland there are local representatives for: Employees in the private sector; Akava - Åland, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Åland; JHL-FOA Åland, Employees in the municipal sector

For questions about membership, trade unions, employment conditions and pay in Åland or other union-related questions you can contact Elin Sundback, trade union representative for Åland. She can be reached by mobile phone +358447044722 or e-mail: elin.sundback(at)

Unemployment funds

Åland has the same system of unemployment funds as in Finland. Ålanders are members of the national unemployment funds. You can become a member if you join a trade union. You can get more information about the unemployment fund from the local trade union in Åland. Normally you must be in paid work or be an entrepreneur to apply for membership of an unemployment fund.

As a rule you should join an unemployment fund in the country you work in or whose legislation you are covered by. In Finland you can also, subject to certain conditions, join an unemployment fund as an unemployed person. The requirement is that you join an unemployment fund within eight weeks of moving to Åland from another Nordic country. To find out what to do, contact your unemployment fund or the Federation of Unemployment Funds. 

Help in difficult situations at work

If you have problems with your employer you can either go to a shop steward who represents the union at your workplace or the head of occupational safety, who is appointed by the manager. If you are subject to discrimination at the workplace you can contact the representative of the occupational safety authority in Åland, who will give advice on issues including employment contracts, collective agreements, wage-setting, working hours, holidays and other terms of employment.

Contact the authority

If you have questions about collective agreements in Åland, you can contact the Government of Åland

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