Trade unions in Sweden

Fagforeninger i Sverige
Here you can read about trade unions and affiliated trade unions (affiliates) in Sweden.

The trade unions support members’ professional interests in the workplace.

One of the most important tasks of the trade unions is to ensure that all workplaces are covered by collective bargaining agreements, and to continually improve the agreements. The unions also help to resolve, for example, salary-related issues.

If you have any questions about your rights and obligations as an employee, you can contact the central organisation or the trade affiliate linked to your sector or professional area.

Central organisations

The local trade unions are connected to a trade affiliate, which in turn is connected to a professional central organisation. Affiliates and central organisations handle, for example, negotiations regarding general salary and working conditions.

There are three central organisations in Sweden. The biggest trade affiliates are centrally organised, and you can find your profession under one of the following organisations:

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Landsorganisationen i Sverige, LO) organises professionals in the public and private sectors, special employees, and employees such as auxiliary nurses, car mechanics, restaurant workers, teachers, and factory workers.

    The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation, TCO) organises employees in the public and private sectors, including professionals such as engineers, nurses, journalists, teachers, police officers, and accountants.

      The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Sveriges Akademikers Centralorganisation, SACO) organises academics in the public and private sectors, such as accountants, lawyers, physiotherapists, and teachers.

        The central organisations can refer you to the trade affiliate that is connected to the different sectors or professional areas.

        If you are looking for work, or already work, in the hotel, restaurant, catering, or tourism sectors, some of the trade affiliates in the Nordic region have produced a miniguide for crossborder commuters in these professional areas.

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