Finland’s presidency programme for the Nordic Council in 2022

Lulu Ranne & Erkki Tuomioja på Nordiska rådets session 2021
Johannes Jansson/
The Nordic welfare model is generally regarded as one of the Nordic countries’ most important achievements. The Nordic countries are at the forefront when it comes to various indicators of welfare and happiness. The coronavirus epidemic has changed the world and posed new challenges for the Nordic countries. The situation has also tested the sustainability of the Nordic model.

We need a common vision of where the world is headed and the role we play in it so that we can overcome shared challenges as a united front.

A Nordic future convention has never been held. During Finland’s presidency, a future discussion could be held between the prime ministers at the plenary session in October 2022, for example. It is important to clarify the Nordic Council’s own activities and set long-term strategic goals, as well as develop effective approaches.

In the year of Finland’s presidency, the Nordic Council celebrates its 70th anniversary, which provides an excellent opportunity to find ways of working together that can make Nordic co-operation even more effective and strategic.