Guidelines for appearances before committees of the Nordic Council

Temasession 2018
Auðunn Níelsson

To promote openness and dialogue, the people of the Nordic Region are entitled to express their views to committees of the Nordic Council by appearing in front of them as per § 37 of the Council's Rules of Procedure.

Here are some guidelines for appearances.

Who is entitled to appear and what is the procedure?

Individuals or small groups (up to five people) may request to attend a committee meeting. They are afforded the opportunity to put forward points of view on specific agenda items or on other matters within the committee's remit.

Normal practice is for a deputation to have 15 minutes in which to present its views and answer questions from the committee. The committee members do not comment on the deputation's views but are allowed to ask the deputation questions.

Appearances are usually made at the start of a committee meeting. The political discussion of the issue is not held until later because committee meetings are closed as per § 35 (2) of the Rules of Procedure.


Requests to attend meetings of committees of the Nordic Council should be submitted to:

Nordic Council

Ved Stranden 18

DK-1061 Copenhagen

Tel.: +45 33960400

E-mail: []

The request must be received no later than 4 days before the committee meeting.

Committee meetings

The Nordic Council committees hold meetings in parallel five times a year in different Nordic countries. The agendas are posted on the website a week in advance: