Helge Orten, Vice President of the Nordic Council in 2023

Helge Orten on stage speaking


Helge Orten, Member of the Presidium and vice president NR 2023 - Norway

Johannes Jansson/norden.org
Helge Orten is Vice President of the Nordic Council for 2023.

Helge Orten was elected to the Norwegian parliament (the Storting) in 2013 where he represents the Conservative Party (Høyre). In the Storting he sits on the Committee on Finance. Orten became a member of the Nordic Council in 2021 where he chairs the Nordic Council’s Conservative party group. He is also Vice-Chair of the Norwegian delegation to the Nordic Council. Orten trained as an economist at the Norwegian School of Economics (NNH). From 2003 to 2011, he was chair of the municipality of Midsund.