Nordic co-operation on integration

Karin Beate Nøsterud/
This co-operation programme is designed to support the Nordic countries’ integration efforts by bolstering Nordic co-operation on the integration of refugees and immigrants through the sharing experiences and development of new knowledge.

Clearing centre

The Nordic Council of Ministers has set up a clearing centre which will serve as an idea bank and support the coordination of government authorities, municipalities, voluntary organisations, and the ministries. Two of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ institutions are responsible for setting up this clearing centre. The Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues has overall responsibility and is working closely with Nordregio on the project.

Expanding the knowledge base

The first phase of the programme will involve mapping out in detail existing knowledge and research on integration. In the longer term, a wide-ranging programme of Nordic research on the subject will be initiated. NordForsk has already started work on the mapping exercise.


The multi-sectoral programme will involve all of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ sectors in a range of initiatives and activities,

as well as several Nordic institutions such as the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues, Nordregio, NordForsk and Nordic Culture Point.

The programme is based in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Department of Knowledge and Welfare.

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ action plan for Vision 2030

The action plan describes how the Nordic Council of Ministers will work to achieve the objectives of the vision through a series of initiatives linked to the vision’s three strategic priorities: a green Nordic Region, a competitive Nordic Region, and a socially sustainable Nordic Region. There are 12 objectives linked to the strategic priorities. The strategic priorities and objectives govern all the activities of the Nordic Council of Ministers over the next four years. The action plan is divided into 12 sections, each one linked to one of the 12 objectives.