28.02.19 | News

THE SECRETARY GENERAL’S BLOG: What does the price of a loaf of bread get you?

Nordic co-operation costs just DKK 40 a year per person, but the returns are difficult to quantify because the effects are invaluable, writes Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers in his latest blog.

21.11.18 | News

What do we really know about integration in the Nordic Region?

Quite a lot actually but up until now the information has been fragmented, making the statistics difficult to compare. A groundbreaking project involving all of the national statistics offices has now harmonised registry data on immigration and integration.

25.11.16 | Declaration

Styrkelse af det nordiske samarbejde om inkludering av flygtninge og indvandrere

Vi, de nordiske ministre, som er ansvarlige for koordinering af arbejdet med inkludering af flygtninge og indvandrere, har set på mulighederne for at øge det nordiske samarbejde på integrationsområdet.

20.07.18 | Information

Nordic co-operation on integration

This co-operation programme is designed to support the Nordic countries’ integration efforts by bolstering Nordic co-operation on the integration of refugees and immigrants through the sharing experiences and development of new knowledge.