28.02.20 | Information

    Nordic co-operation on integration

    This co-operation programme is designed to support the Nordic countries’ integration efforts by bolstering Nordic co-operation on the integration of refugees and immigrants through the sharing experiences and development of new knowledge.

    27.10.20 | News

    Bring Nordic children and young people home from forced marriages abroad

    The Nordic authorities need to be able to do more to bring Nordic children and young people home when they find themselves in forced marriages abroad, according to a recommendation made to the governments by the Nordic Council Welfare Committee at this year’s Session. The key is for th...

    17.08.20 | News

    Civil society a key player in integration

    A new Nordic report “Learning to live in a new country – everyday social integration” shows that civil society plays an important role in ensuring the integration of refugees and migrants, especially when it comes to establishing networks and contacts as a basis for new social relations...

    25.11.16 | Declaration

    Styrkelse af det nordiske samarbejde om inkludering av flygtninge og indvandrere

    Vi, de nordiske ministre, som er ansvarlige for koordinering af arbejdet med inkludering af flygtninge og indvandrere, har set på mulighederne for at øge det nordiske samarbejde på integrationsområdet.