Nordic Day 2024

The 23rd of March is Nordic Day, when we celebrate the world's oldest form of regional political co-operation. Events on important issues facing the region will be held in the Nordic countries throughout week 12.


See below for details of the six events in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Faroe Islands.

Monday, 18 March

09:00–10:30 (CET) – Sweden

The Future of Freedom of Movement in the Nordic Region

Freedom of movement is one of the cornerstones of Nordic co-operation and a win-win for all the countries. Mobility stimulates the economy and increases prosperity. But will the future bring for freedom of movement in the Nordic Region?

Tuesday, 19 March

09:30–12:00 (CET) – Denmark

Climate Fatigue – How Do We Kick-start Climate Awareness Again? 

A group of school students from the Nordic Region will visit, and we will discuss green solutions together. We will provide a link to a video of the event later.   

Thursday, 21 March

08:30–09:30 (CET) – Norway

Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

Nordic co-operation is more important than ever. What does the technology revolution mean for our democracies?

16:30–18:00 (GMT) – Iceland

Navigating Nordic Futures: Strengthening Co-operation for Peace and Security

What can the Nordic countries do together to ensure peace, human rights and security? What role does closer co-operation play in ensuring stability in turbulent times? Be part of our look at the consequences of a wide-ranging reassessment of Nordic cooperation.

Friday, 22 March

09:30–12:30 (GMT +2) – Finland

The Nordic Region – Stronger Together

How well are we doing in a world overshadowed by the climate crisis and security situation? How resilient and united are we, and can culture and our Nordic values play a more visible role in building resilience? 

Saturday, 23 March

14:00–16:30 (CET) – The Faroe Islands

Young people in the Nordic region

In the Faroe Islands, we will celebrate Nordic Day with an event that focuses on Nordic co-operation seen from the perspective of young people. The recommendations adopted at the Nordic Youth Council's autumn meeting in Oslo in 2023 will form the basis for the main topics discussed.

The Helsinki Treaty – often called the Nordic Constitution

Nordic Day celebrates Nordic co-operation, which involves Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

Official co-operation is based on the Helsinki Treaty, often called the Nordic Constitution. It started after World War II, partly to stand together and promote peace, security and democracy.

Over the decades, the scope of the work has been extended to cover many other areas of policy with the aim of making the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030.

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