Previous programmes 2006-2014

The Nordic Council of Ministers has since 2005 sponsored a number of New Nordic Food activities, exploring the potential of this new cuisine. The joint Nordic activities within the New Nordic Food arena have taken place in the two programmes New Nordic Food I and New Nordic Food II. They have covered a wide range of areas, engaging thousands of people and pioneered the field of culinary avantgarde.

New Nordic Food 1 - 2007 to 2010

The first New Nordic Food programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers started out in 2007. It followed up on the Kitchen Manifesto by the Nordic chefs in 2004 and the subsequent Århus Declaration from the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2005.

With a budget of 23 millioner DKK, the Programme was split between activities under the NCM institution Nordic Innovation and the activities of the New Nordic Food steering group.

You can read an evaluation of the programme here (in Swedish) and see an overview of projects initiated by the steering group here:

New Nordic Food 2 - 2010 to 2014

New Nordic Food 2 was a communication programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers (2010-2014). The programme’s initiatives were to bring the Nordic cuisine ideology into Nordic homes and institutions, encourage innovative product development and local food production, and design pilot projects that show how food can be used in Nordic representation and branding. 

New Nordic Food 2 focused on strengthening children’s food culture and improving public and institutional meal experiences. It aimed to reinforce Nordic gastronomy’s position as a creative industry and joined forces with other creative industries to develop inspiring meal concepts that promote the Nordic region and its gastronomy.

Read more about many of these activities:

Nordic Food Diplomacy

Nordic Food Diplomacy is a tool for communication of values through food and food design. It is used to enhance other cultural expressions and messages; in the planning process of political gatherings, official dinners, export drives, concerts, art exhibitions, lectures and other cultural events.

Read more about Nordic Food Diplomacy, including recipies, concept development and information on storytelling devices.