COP26: Greenland joins the Paris Agreement

01.11.21 | News
The Prime Minister of Greenland, Mute B Egede, at the Nordic Pavilion at COP26
Maria Andersen
Today the Prime Minister of Greenland, Múte Bourup Egede, held a briefing at The Nordic Pavilion at COP26, announcing that the Greenland Parliament has decided to join the Paris Agreement. You can follow the upcoming briefings from the Nordic Pavilion online.

Every day the Nordic Pavilion will give you access to the negotiations taking place at COP26 in Glasgow. Today the Prime Minister of Greenland, Múte Bourup Egede, visited the Nordic Pavilion where he announced Greenland’s ambitions towards a greener future.

“I am proud of the fact that the new Naalakkersuisut, the Government of Greenland, has reached the decision that Greenland should join the Paris Agreement,” said Múte Bourup Egede, Prime Minister of Greenland.

The Arctic region is one of the areas on our planet where the effects of global warming is felt the most, and we believe that we must take responsibility collectively. That means that we too, must contribute our share.

Múte Bourup Egede, Prime Minister of Greenland

Online access to the daily briefings

Throughout COP26, The Nordic Pavilion gives you access to the negotiations through daily briefings with the Nordic head of delegations. You can follow the briefings even if you don’t have accreditation to COP26. All daily briefings will be broadcasted online. Make sure to check our streaming program right here:

More than 100 events at the Nordic Pavilion

Are you in Glasgow during COP26? Make sure to stop by the Nordic Pavilion and learn about the Nordic solutions to our climate challenges. You can find the full program overview in a smartphone friendly format right here:

Choosing Green

The Nordic Region is our home. All over the Nordic Region, in towns and in the country, we seek to live in harmony with nature and create sustainable societies.

But we must do more. Climate change, pollution and threats to biodiversity call for our attention, our energy. The Nordic model also faces growing challenges as democracy, integration and inclusion come under pressure.

In the Nordic region we want to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Under the headline “Choosing Green” we are determined to show what this really means in relation to the UN Climate negotiations.