The emergence of a new Nordic food culture

17.09.15 | News
New Nordic Cuisine at Nordi Cool 2013 in Washington
Scott Suchman
New Nordic Food is still an important part of the global food agenda. The final report of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ involvement in the New Nordic Food movement is now available. The report points towards the social as well as the culinary potential of New Nordic Food.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has funded a New Nordic Food program since 2007. This program, based on the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto, has strived in the last eight years to raise the profile of the Nordic cuisine both in the Nordic region and internationally.

Since the signing of the kitchen manifesto in 2005, New Nordic Food has evolved into a social movement. Today, the challenge lies in taking that movement to a new level, so that the Nordic Region can become one of the most outstanding and innovative food regions in the world, states the report "The emergence of a new Nordic food culture".

New possibilities

During the last mandate period of the NNF program, 2010– 2014, the focus was on highlighting the possibilities that exist within the new Nordic cuisine. The new report presents the results of all the projects carried out over the last five years, but also looks toward the future.

Can the Nordic Region continue to attract the same attention in the world; in the domestic kitchen, in restaurants and in the public kitchen? Can Nordic food emerge in completely new contexts? These are among the questions raised.

A new working group has been set up to steer the Nordic cooperation on NNF in the context of the Nordic Council of Ministers (see more on But the NNF movement no doubt moves on at all levels of society.

Read the final report of the New Nordic Food: The emergence of a new Nordic food culture