Focus on the Nordic countries in a new Russian TV-series

20.12.18 | News
Strøget i København
Yadid Levy/
The experienced Russian journalist and tv-host Vladimir Pozner explores the Nordic social models in a new and extensive series of 12 documentary programmes aired on the Russian state tv-channel Perviy Kanal earlier this month.

In the ambitious series of 12 episodes Vladimir Pozner and his colleague Ivan Urgant travel through Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The programmes underline a current Russian interest in the Nordic countries, and probe the core values of the Nordic social models such as democracy, equality, welfare, social equality and educational systems.

Pozner, who is known for his interview TV-show Pozner on Russian state TV and is ensured a large exposure to a Russian audience, announced in an interview in the Finnish-Swedish newspaper, Hufvudstadsbladet, that he is “[…] fascinated by the Nordic welfare socities", and wishes to show a contemporary picture of the Nordic countries to his Russian audience. In this way, the TV-series contributes to a nuanced supplement to the existing media coverage.