New report: Exchange of Information in Cases of Trafficking in Human Beings: An Inter-Nordic Analysis

23.09.16 | News
Menneskehandel forside
Education, clear channels of communication and organisation are the focal points and main conclusions of a new survey and report conducted by the Danish Police Directorate, National Centre of Investigation (NIC) in 2015-2016 and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Better information exchange makes it easier to detect and investigate cases of human trafficking.

Anti-trafficking work requires co-operation between multiple public bodies and police forces. The report identifies the types of information to include in potential proceedings and exchanges of information between public-sector agencies and the police.

It also describes good practice for the exchange of information between public bodies and police in these cases. If an agency does not know which police unit processes information in potential cases of human trafficking, it can refer to a main point of contact at the national police to ensure that the information reaches the right unit. If it is relevant to exchange information with other Nordic countries about a case, the police can make contact with the appropriate force in the country or countries concerned.

The report, which contains a good practice guide and contact information to police units, has been distributed to relevant public-sector bodies.

The report is primarily based on the results of 25 interviews with experts from a range of public bodies.   

The initiative is part of Nordic Council of Ministers anti-trafficking programme 2015–2018