New strategy for international branding of the Nordic Region

28.10.14 | News
placer norden i verden

place the nordic in the world

The Nordic countries and the whole region attract a great deal of international interest. Political organisations, interest groups, the business community, and tourist organisations all believe that it is time for a joint initiative.

During the Nordic Council's Session in Stockholm on Tuesday, the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation agreed on a new strategy for branding and positioning the Region internationally.

The Ministers for Nordic Co-operation adopted the strategy at the Session of the Nordic Council in Stockholm. Picture: Elisabeth Aspaker, the Norwegian Minister for Nordic Co-operation.

The fact that the Nordic countries can achieve more together than on their own is one that applies to many areas, including international branding and positioning. This is why in the years to come Nordic stakeholders must systematise efforts to strengthen the international competitiveness and influence of not only the individual countries, but of the region as a whole.

“There’s a good deal of international interest and curiosity surrounding the Nordic Region at the moment. This doesn’t just apply to literature, film and design, but also to our social structures and the values on which they’re based. There’s a perception that we seem to have the answers to some of the questions being posed all over the world right now. For example, how we create an open society which evolves and which can cope in times of crisis. We should use this curiosity both to inspire others and to strengthen our own societies,” says Eygló Harðardóttir, Iceland’s Minister for Nordic Co-operation.

Five branding areas

The Nordic Council of Ministers (the official co-operation body of the Nordic governments) will co-ordinate branding activities in co-operation with public and private stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to boost the competitiveness and international influence of the Nordic Region and the Nordic countries. Five branding areas are identified in the strategy; the Nordic Model, the Nordic Region as a knowledge society, Nordic creativity and innovation, Nordic culture, and nature.

According to the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation, it is the region’s multiple positions of strength that makes it interesting.

“The new strategy gives us a good basis for developing Nordic co-operation. By clarifying co-operation in relation to the Nordic countries’ strengths, we can increase our global influence,” says Kristina Persson, Sweden’s Minister of Nordic Co-operation.

The branding of the Nordic Region must be wide-ranging and in close co-operation with the individual Nordic countries. Annika Rembe is Secretary General of the Swedish Institute and is not concerned about competition.

“No, quite the opposite. In some situations the region is more interesting than each country on its own. A strategy like this can definitely add value in areas where we have common interests.

Read the strategy here