Nordic Council to host EU webinars on energy, digitalisation and antibiotic resistance

04.02.21 | News
Nordiska rådets webinarier 2021

Nordiska rådets webinarier 2021

Gabrielle CEZARD/SIPA/Ritzau Scanpix
On 2-3 March, the Nordic Council will host three webinars on energy, digitalisation and antibiotic resistance. The idea is to give the members of the Council and representatives of the European Parliament and Commission a chance to discuss challenges and solutions in the three areas. The deadline for registration is 26 February 2021.

Energy Webinar

The energy webinar Towards a fossil-free future – are the Nordic solutions the right way to go? will be held from 10-12 (CET) on 2 March. The agenda includes discussions about the next steps in the transition to fossil-free energy production and cross-border electricity markets, areas in which the Nordic Region is often considered an example to follow.

Digitalisation Webinar

The other two webinars will be held on Wednesday, 3 March. The one on digitalisation The Nordics go digital – How does it fit with Europe's move to a Digital Age? will be held from 10-12 (CET). Digitalisation is a top priority for both the Nordic Region and the EU. The webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss common challenges and solutions, look ahead and try to find ways to speed up the digitalisation process at both Nordic and European level.

Antibiotic Resistance Webinar

The series of webinars ends with one on antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance – a silent threat in a noisy pandemic era, will be held from 14-16 (CET). The agenda includes the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Again, the idea is to look ahead and the webinar offers a chance to look in depth at the challenges and solutions.

Representatives of the Nordic Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission will attend all of the webinars, along with a range of experts and representatives from the private sector.

The webinars will be held in English and streamed live via the Nordic Council Facebook page and