Nordic countries call for increased focus on transport emissions in follow-up to COP21

15.12.15 | News
In the follow-up to COP21, the Nordic ministers for climate and the environment have issued a statement to call for an increased focus on emissions from the transport sector, including shipping and aviation.

The Nordic ministers met during COP21 for an informal ministerial meeting at the Nordic COP21 pavilion and in the follow up to the successful Paris Agreement they have issued the following statement:


"We, the Nordic ministers for climate and the environment welcome the paramount decision on a global durable agreement on combatting climate change in Paris. The Nordic countries stay committed to ambitious climate action and to transforming our societies towards highly energy efficient, low carbon and climate resilient economies.

We note that international transport emissions are not addressed specifically in the Paris agreement. International transport emissions are projected to grow by50- 250% until 2050. If not addressed, this will undermine efforts in other sectors to stay well below 2°C.

The Nordic countries stress the importance of limiting and reducing emissions from international transport and will continue to work through the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization to achieve this end".


The Nordic countries had a shared pavilion during COP21, hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers. For more information on Nordic activities at the UN climate summit see