Nordic initiative to combat human trafficking

24.06.15 | News
De nordiska flaggorna
Johannes Jansson/
The Nordic Council of Ministers is launching a new initiative to put even greater energy into the fight against human trafficking. Designed to enhance both preventative and reactive measures, the initiative will involve better co-ordination of Nordic resources and closer partnerships with bodies outside the Region.

The fight against trafficking has been a long-term project and will now lead to partnerships with other stakeholders in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The Nordic contribution will consist of efforts to prevent trafficking, to improve the chances of successful prosecutions and to protect and help victims. The initiative will also involve more co-ordinated exchanges of experience between specialists and others involved in combating the trade in human lives.

“The Nordic countries have built up important networks in recent years and gained a lot of really valuable experience in combating human trafficking. Now, we are taking the initiative to call for new and targeted measures to fight this modern form of slavery, which is horribly widespread. The results will depend to a great extent on how well we work with our Baltic neighbours,” says Dagfinn Høybråten, the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, who is deeply committed to the project.

Official Nordic co-operation is firmly behind the initiative, which will also help beef up national strategies against trafficking.