The Danish clarinet trio LINensemble was formed in 1990, and consists of three very experienced men (Jens Schou, Erik Kaltoft and Jens Ehde), who each have a string of career credits before and alongside playing together in LINensemble..

The name LIN was taken from a work by Per Nørgård, who in turn took it from one of the hexagrams of the ancient Chinese book of oracles, the I Ching.

Like most of the other candidates nominated, LINensemble primarily focuses on contemporary music. But like several of the other nominees, LINensemble is not content to give traditional concerts.

The ensemble is keenly aware of the structure of its concerts, where the musicians constantly strive to create unified, independent artistic expression that is more than just the sum of its parts.

Not surprisingly, LINensemble also works hard to extend the concert framework by involving alternative concepts and by collaborating with other artists and arts.

For example LINensemble has given a series of concerts in cooperation with prominent Danish poets including Pia Tafdrup, Suzanne Brøgger and Inger Christensen.

The ensemble has also participated in several music drama productions, for example Chinese Compass with Hotel Pro Forma, as well as an experimental version of Verdi’s Macbeth.

Their strong interest in disseminating contemporary music has also been expressed in many school concerts.

Over the years they have collaborated closely with Nordic composers such as Mikael Edlund, Atli Heimir Sveinsson and Olav Anton Thommesen – collaborations that have resulted in more than 40 first performances.

Besides their extensive concert activities in Denmark LINensemble have toured to international festivals in Germany, England, Albania, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Vietnam and Hong Kong.