Louise Lynge – Greenland

Kvinde iført blå frakke posere mod blå himmel
Louise Lynge
Louise Lynge is shining a spotlight on climate change through design with a zero-waste business strategy.

Louise Lynge is nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Environment Prize.

The Greenlandic fashion brand Louise Lynge focuses on sustainable choices in Greenland’s fashion industry. Clothing production puts an untold strain on nature and the environment. Much of the fashion industry’s CO2 emissions comes from the transport of clothing, which often has long supply chains. In Greenland, almost all clothing is imported from abroad. The long journeys from the exporting countries to stores and buyers in Greenland contributes to the industry’s high CO2 footprint.

At Louise Lynge, the focus is on choosing organic or recycled materials, in addition to pursuing a zero-waste strategy.

The company is working actively to lower its CO2 footprint and offset CO2 emissions from its production, which is inspiring other Greenlandic companies to do the same.