Revolution is a documentary musical about the 1970s generation's fight for a better world and socialism. With songs and music, it paints a picture of a revolution that was lost. Music creates some distance and, in many ways, depicts the experiences and spirit of the era much better than a regular interview-based documentary.

The music provides a commentary and moves the film along, crystallizing the spirit of the revolution. The music also symbolizes the pomposity and rhetoric often so blatantly and comically at odds with the reality of everyday life.

In the 1970s, revolution was a serious undertaking. The socialist world seemed like a real alternative. The movement seemed to offer a whole unified world where it would be easy to be on the right side - against anything old and reactionary.

Songs played a central role in this revolution. The songs oozed fighting spirit, blood and images of war. Everywhere programme groups sprang up.

The songs told stories of battles, solidarity, socialism, Vietnam, Chile, the Soviet Union, peace, imperialism, Ukrainian fields and oppression of the workers. But also of friendship and love. Some of the songs have become classics and live on, even though the cause that bred them has died.

Music tells a story. Through the songs, we can see the history of the movement; in the beginning, the themes are general, pacifistic or humanistic, but gradually more outspoken and finally party political numbers emerge, swearing loyalty to the Communist Party and the Soviet Union.

Questioning and doubts are replaced by the superiority of the cause. The songs reflect the movement’s change from general revolutionary aims to authoritarianism and dogmatism.

This is a full-length feature documentary for cinematic distribution. On a larger scale, it is a portrait of a generation which got carried away with politics.

On a concrete level, this is a story about people who wanted to change the world by singing. There is a lot of music, good music, old footage from concerts, new performances, music adapted or written especially for this documentary.

The general feeling is positive, a tad nostalgic and largely humoristic. We want to find people who can be mature about their past and laugh at their past.

A revolutionary musical film about a singing revolution

Scriptwriter, Director:

Jouko Aaltonen


Pertti Veijalainen




Paul Jyrälä


Heikki Valpola


83 min

Release date:

17/3 2006

Local distributor:

Sandrew Metronome Distribution Finland Oy Ab