Help to shape the next vital global agreement

20.12.19 | News
ungdomar i en workshop
Moa Karlberg
The ball has been set in motion to give young people throughout the Nordic Region a say in shaping the new global agreement for biodiversity. In early 2020, young people will gather to learn more about biodiversity and agree on their requirements for the international negotiations.

One of the biggest pieces of news from the world of science in 2019 was that a million plant and animal species are at threat of extinction. 

In May, the UN biodiversity panel released a comprehensive and alarming report showing that plant and animal species are disappearing more quickly than ever before.  

Radical intervention is needed to restore nature.  

New global targets to buck the trend

Next year, a renewed global biodiversity agreement will be signed in an effort to reverse the trend and halt the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of species.   

All the countries that have signed the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will meet in Kunming, China, in October 2020 to agree new targets for the protection of nature. 

Preparations are already in full swing.

Young people in the Nordic Region can influence the agreement

There is still an opportunity to shape the content of the agreement. In order to help young people get involved in the process, Nordic co-operation has produced education material and provided the opportunity to arrange youth conferences and have a say on the content of the agreement.

The education material summarises the latest research, contains a number of key questions for the negotiations, and provides an opportunity to submit answers and messages digitally.

Available in seven Nordic languages

The toolkit has been developed in co-operation with the World Wildlife Fund, the WWF, and is available in English and seven Nordic languages.

Anyone can download the toolkit free of charge, acquire new knowledge, and respond to the questions and send them in to Nordic co-operation. The results will be used in the negotiations.

Several youth conferences due to take place

A smaller youth conference was held in Stockholm in December in connection with the Nordic Climate Action Weeks.

Copenhagen will host a larger youth conference on 9 January, followed by major youth conferences in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.