Arendal Week 2021: Four risks for the Nordic labour market

18.08.21 | Event
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Magnus Fröderberg/
The COVID-19 crisis has once again demonstrated the well-known adaptability of the Nordic model. The parties have worked together and saved jobs, incomes and GDP. Nevertheless, Nordic labour market researchers warn that more and more people are ending up permanently excluded from the labour market.


12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Nordens Telt
4841 Arendal


What challenges must be addressed in our future labour market? We know a good deal about the risk factors.

That is why we invite all labour market parties and politicians to propose how they want to further develop and strengthen the Nordic labour market model.

Over the past four years, researchers working on the Future of Work project at Fafo, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, have examined the future of the labour market in the Nordic Region. How sound is the Nordic labour market model? Will we be able to create enough jobs in the future, and how will we ensure that we have the right skills to fill these jobs? Also, how do we deal with increased differences between those with higher and lower incomes?

The pandemic has exacerbated challenges and accelerated the digitalisation of workplaces, as well as the emergence of new forms of work. What could the consequences of it be?

The researchers have formulated four main challenges for the future of the Nordic labour market:

  • Risk of labour shortages
  • Risk of job shortages
  • Risk of knowledge gaps and high thresholds for employment
  • Risk of inequality and exclusion

Now it’s time for the parties and politicians to respond to how these should be solved.



  • Kristin Alsos, Head of Research at Fafo


  • LO
  • NHO
  • Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Conservative Party (Høyre) 
  • Dag Terje Andersen Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet)

Moderator: Anne Mette Ødegaard, Fafo