Nordic Day: What can the Nordic countries do to make the Internet a safer place? – an event about online abuse seen from a gender perspective.

23.03.21 | Event
Online møde
A political debate is taking place in the Nordic countries about the danger of online threats and hate speech silencing certain voices in the digital public sphere. Online abuse has become part of everyday life. It is so widespread that it constitutes a threat to democracy if people who are abused, subjected to hate speech and threatened on line are too afraid to speak up.


12:00 PM - 01:00 PM



In 2021, the Nordic Council’s Committee for Welfare in the Nordic Region is focusing explicitly on digital abuse and online threats from a gender equality perspective. If anything, the topic has become even more relevant during the pandemic.

Politicians, researchers, organisations and young people will discuss in more detail how the Nordic countries can make the Internet a safer place.
Promoting equality is an important part of Nordic co-operation and of the prime ministers’ vision of a socially sustainable and equal region.

The theme will be discussed from Finnish, Ålandic, Swedish and Norwegian perspectives.

The moderator will be Annika Damström, journalist at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.


  • The Nordic perspective – Thomas Blomqvist, Finnish Minister for Nordic Co-operation and Gender Equality
  • Thematic focus and Finland’s perspective – Eva Biaudet, Chair of the National Council of Women of Finland 
  • Digital hate speech in the Nordic Region, including Sweden – Lisa Kaati, Head of Research at the Swedish Defence Research Agency


  • Nina Sandberg, Member of the Nordic Council Welfare Committee
  • Hanna Onwen-Huma, expert, Gender Equality Unit, STM
  • Touko Niinimäki, SYL, young students’ point of view

Summing up and looking ahead

Åland's Minister for Gender Equality, Annika Hambrudd