Sustainable democracy the Nordic region

08.12.21 | Event
Lagtinget Åland
Conference regarding cooperation between the Nordic states and Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland as an example of sustainable democracy


12:30 PM - 04:30 PM



In 1952, the Nordic Council was founded with the aim of increasing co-operation in the Nordic countries on cultural, political, legal and social issues.

The Faroe Islands and Åland joined the Nordic Council in 1970 and Greenland joined in 1984. The history of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland differs in many ways, which is also reflected in how they are governed and in their interaction with others. The Nordic Council of Ministers was established in 1971.

The Faroe Islands, Åland and Greenland are today both a natural and self-evident and contributing part of the Nordic family. The inclusion of the Faroe Islands, Åland and Greenland in Nordic co-operation has become something that the Nordic countries can jointly highlight as a success concept as a counterpoint to the political instability and polarization.

During the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, which will be held in co - operation with the Åland government, a conference will be held aimed at
diplomats, politicians, and international organizations both in and outside the Nordic region.

The purpose is to present the strong democratic systems in the Nordic region, including the way in which the Faroe Islands, Åland and Greenland participate in Nordic co-operation and how their participation increases sustainable democracy in the Nordic region.

A sustainable democracy that counteracts conflicts between areas and regions as well as between countries. In line with the vision adopted by the Nordic Prime Ministers, which states that the Nordic region will be the world's most sustainable and integrated region by 2030, it is also interesting to show how the democratic systems in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland can be examples of and even forerunners of social and environmental sustainability.

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