Authorisation to practise certain professions in Denmark

Autorisation til at udføre visse erhverv i Danmark
Here you can read about Danish authorisations and international industry rules.

Within certain industries, special rules apply if you wish to work in Denmark. A number of professions are regulated by law, while others are governed by international industry rules, or other special rules.

    Regulated professions

    There are approximately 120 professions in Denmark that require authorisation to practise. You can find a complete list in Danish and English at the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (UFM). Here you can also find instructions on how to apply for authorisation within each of the professions. 

    International industry rules and other professions with special rules

    International industry rules apply to some occupations in road, air and sea transport. There are also professions that provide only very limited opportunity to practise in Denmark if you have a foreign nationality or foreign educational qualifications, such as if you are a judge, a church minister, or work in the police.

    You can find more information at the website of Ministry of Higher Education and Science (UFM).  

    If you will be working temporarily in Denmark

    If you are a citizen of another EU/EEA country, and established as a professional there, you may practise your profession temporarily and occasionally in Denmark if you submit prior written notification to the competent authority. You will only need to register as a service provider if this is required by the rules applicable to the profession.

    If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA, you can only register as a service provider if this is stated in the rules of the profession.

    Within certain professions that have implications for public health and safety, the authority has the right to examine your professional qualifications before you can begin providing services in Denmark.

    How to register

    When you first move to Denmark to provide services, you must send written notification to the competent authority stated in the list of regulated professions.

    You must enclose the documents required by that authority.

    You must renew your registration once every year.

    Information to be given to the recipients of the service

    Normally, you must practise your profession under the professional title you have in the country in which you are established. This applies unless your professional qualifications have been approved in Denmark.

    In most cases, the competent authority may require you to provide the recipient with information on:

    • Your registration in a professional register or the like
    • The name and address of the competent supervisory authority in the country where you are established 
    • The professional association or similar body of which you may be a member
    • Your professional title or, if no such title exists, your educational diploma
    • your VAT registration number, if any
    • Any insurance contract or other protection you may have in connection with professional liability

    You can find more information at the website of Ministry of Higher Education and Science (UFM).  

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