Benefits in Finland in the event of bereavement

Omaisen kuolema Suomessa
Here you will find information on survivors’ pensions - surviving spouse’s pensions and orphan’s pensions - for bereaved persons. The rules also apply to Åland.

Bereaved persons can get a survivors’ pension from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), their earnings-related pension provider or for example their motor insurance provider. Survivors’ pensions support families financially.

If the deceased person was insured in Finland, a survivors’ pension can be paid to their surviving spouse and children even if they live abroad.

Surviving spouse’s pension

You can get survivors’ pension from Kela or the earnings-related pension system. You can get a surviving spouse’s pension from Kela and the earnings-related pension system at the same time, and they can also be granted to cohabiting partners.

A Kela surviving spouse’s pension consists of a starting pension and a continuing pension that ends at the latest when you turn 65. Read more on Kela’s website.

Pension providers pay surviving spouse’s pensions without any age limit, but surviving spouse’s pensions paid on the basis of a death in 2022 or thereafter are for a fixed term if the surviving spouse was born in 1975 or thereafter. Surviving spouse’s pensions paid by pension providers are based on the earnings-related pension earned by your spouse as an employee or self-employed person in his or her lifetime, but may be reduced by your income. Read more on the website Työelä

Orphan’s pension

Kela pays a basic amount and an additional amount to the orphan's pension to persons aged under 18 years. If the young person is studying, Kela continues to pay the basic amount until the person reaches the age of 21 years. This is also called an orphan's pension for students. Read more on Kela’s website.

Pension providers grant orphan’s pensions to young persons under the age of 20 years. The pension is based on the earnings-related pension earned during the guardian’s lifetime. Read more on the website Työelä

Other insurance policies

A surviving spouse or a child may also be entitled to a survivors’ pension or assistance pension under an accident, motor third party, military accident, military injury or patient insurance plan. Surviving spouses and children may also be entitled to lump-sum compensation from a group life assurance policy if the deceased was employed when he or she died. Read more on Kela’s website.

If the deceased had private pension insurance or life insurance, the pension provider may provide financial support in the event of the death of a spouse or guardian. Ask the pension provider for more information. 

Survivors’ pensions from other countries

If the deceased person worked in another Nordic country during their lifetime, their surviving spouse and children may be entitled to a survivors’ pension from these countries too. Read more below.

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