Job hunting in Finland

Työnhaku Suomessa
This section is about job hunting in Finland and how to look for jobs in Finland from abroad.

You can look for a job in Finland in advance from abroad or after arriving in Finland.

You can also come to Finland as an unemployed jobseeker and get unemployment allowance, but for this you must register as an unemployed jobseeker in your country of departure in good time before you move.

You can browse job vacancies on the TE Office website.

Job hunting in Finland

You can go to the TE Office to register as a jobseeker. If you have Finnish online banking codes or a Finnish electronic ID card, you can also register as a jobseeker online.

It is also advisable to take a look at the TE Offices’ website. The Workline advice service can help with finding a job, education and training and starting a business  Workline can also give you information on unemployment security and financial benefits while studying as well as on services offered by the TE Office.

The Jobseekers section of the site also contains links to other Finnish job sites. Many companies and organisations also advertise job vacancies on their own websites. Jobs in public administration are advertised on the website. You can also search for job vacancies in newspapers, especially the Sunday editions, and on newspapers’ websites. You can read the major daily newspapers in municipal libraries’ reading rooms.


Job hunting from abroad

EURES (European Employment Services) is the European Commission’s jobs network, covering the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. On the EURES website you can browse job vacancies advertised with the employment services in the system. The site also provides contact details for EURES advisers in the various countries. Your local EURES adviser can give you advice on questions related to working in Finland. Your first EURES job is a project that provides financial support for young people to find a job.

Another approach is private employment agencies where you can easily look for a job from abroad. You often need a knowledge of Finnish to use the online services. Some Finnish employers’ own websites also advertise job vacancies in Swedish and English.

You can also search for job vacancies on the Finnish TE Offices’ website. Companies post adverts in Swedish and English if these are working languages in the job.

Are you an unemployed jobseeker coming to Finland?

Unemployed jobseekers who have become unemployed in an EU or EEA country can come to Finland to look for work on unemployment benefits from their country of departure for a maximum of six months. For this form U2 is required from the country of departure. Whilst looking for a job, the person is covered by the social security of the country where they worked last. You cannot be covered by Finnish social security at the same time.

If a jobseeker finds work in Finland, they are covered by the social security conditions for employees. As a rule you must resign from the unemployment fund in your previous country of employment and from then on pay unemployment contributions in Finland.

If a jobseeker does not find work in Finland within six months of the date of departure and does not want to lose their unemployment benefits, they must return to their home country.

A jobseeker who has a U2 form issued by another EU/EEA country of Switzerland and an European Health Insurance Card, is entitled to medical treatment in Finland.

If a person works in Finland and becomes unemployed before the work requirement needed to receive unemployment allowance has been met, they can under certain conditions transfer periods of employment from other EU/EEA countries. Document U1 is used to notify periods of employment. Alternatively Kela or the unemployment fund can request details of employment periods from the previous country of employment.

Ask the employment service or unemployment fund in your own country for more information.

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