The Nordic Environmental Relay

Den nordiske miljøstafet
Nordic Council is paying tribute to environmental organisations and initiatives throughout the Nordic Region.

The annual Nordic Council Environment Prize goes to a company, organisation or individual for extraordinary efforts on behalf of the environment. In the run-up to the annual award, the Nordic Council is paying tribute to all of the people and organisations who strive to improve the environment.

Nordisk Råd hylder miljøorganisationer og -initiativer i Norden.

Follow the Relay

Join in the Relay as the Environment Prize visits all eight Nordic countries. Up to the award ceremony, the prize statuette will visit Nordic environmental organisations and initiatives, explore Nordic nature with them and see where they work. The Nordic countries are a hotbed for all kinds of important environmental initiatives. The Environment Relay pays tribute to all of these projects and shows off the work they do in an attempt to provide inspiration to the whole of the Nordic Region.