Practical information about the Nordic Council Theme Session 2019

Nordiska rådets session
Johannes Jansson/
See below for practical information about the Nordic Council Theme Session, 8–9 April 2019.


Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 Copenhagen K.

The hotel is about 10 minutes walk from parliament.


Registration will start at 07:45 on both 8 and 9 April. The registration desk will be one floor up from the main entrance to the hotel.

Name badges

Your pass must be visible at all times throughout the Session.

Accreditation for journalists

Media wishing to cover the Session can contact Communications Adviser Matts Lindqvist, +45 2969 2905,


Lists of speakers must be sent to

Delegates places in the Chamber will be shown on a board outside.


The Danish Delegation Secretariat

Joan Ólavsdóttir, +45 3337 3366

Peder H. Pedersen, +45 3337 3436

Mia Dehnhardt-Larsen, +45 3337 3629

Susanne Henriksen, +45 3337 3331

Søren Thomsen, +45 3337 3868

Niels Rasmussen (AV support), +45 3337 3777

Council Secretariat

Mads Nyholm Hovmand +45 2248 3374


Matts Lindqvist, +45 2969 2905

Important info

Wifi: MARRIOTT_GUEST (no password)


Lunch will be served in the hotel restaurant for registered delegates.

Coffee, tea and water will be available throughout the meeting in the lobby Vesterhavet and on Upper Bridge.


Upper Bridge, one floor up. Luggage can be stored in the luggage room at the reception.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hotel. Smoking is only permitted outside, at the front and back entrances to the hotel.

Cash machine

The nearest cash machine is in the hotel lobby.


Taxa 4x35, +45 3535 3535

Twitter and Facebook

The hashtags for the Session are #nrsession and #nrpol.