11:00 - 11:05
1. Opening of the Session

1.1 Approval of the list of delegates

1.2 Approval of the agenda

1.3 Standing Orders for the Theme Session, Document 2a/2019

11:05 - 12:05
2. Gender equality - a prerequisite for democracy

2.1 Topical debate

12:05 - 12:15
3. International co-operation

3.1 Input from guest speakers

12:30 - 13:15
15:25 - 15:30
10. Closing of the Session
09.04.19 | News

Norden kanaliserar ungas miljöengagemang

Nu sätter arbetet igång med att mobilisera Nordens unga för ett nytt kraftfullt miljöavtal. Det handlar om att erbjuda miljöengagerade unga att bygga upp sin kunskap och uppnå inflytande över FN-avtalet om biologisk mångfald som ska antas år 2020.

09.04.19 | News

Report: the time is right to promote the Nordic “peace” brand

The momentum and willingness are growing for the Nordic countries to work even more closely together on peace and conflict resolution. Opportunities are available right now to boost the “Nordic peace brand”, according to a new Nordic report.

04.09.19 | Information

Practical information about the Nordic Council Theme Session 2019

See below for practical information about the Nordic Council Theme Session, 8–9 April 2019.