Join us at the democracy festivals

07.06.23 | News
Make Sense
Want to know more about Nordic initiatives to address the biggest challenges of the day? Official Nordic co-operation will have a strong presence at this year’s democracy festivals. Join in and get involved in the debates and conversations!

Official Nordic co-operation in this year’s democracy festivals will focus on positive conversations about the green transition, defence and security, and how to preserve and strengthen our democracies.

The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council will participate in eight democracy festivals this year in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The big challenges of the day

Young people’s participation in society, the green transition and energy security are among the main themes this year. At our events, experts, activists and politicians at various levels will discuss areas in which the Nordic countries are working together to ensure that we, as a region, are better equipped to meet the big challenges of the day. 


Nordic institutions

Institutions such as Nordic Innovation, Nordic Energy Research, Nordregio, Nordforsk and Nordgen will be key contributors to many of the events, as will many others from civil society and the business world.