Ministers seek to strengthen Nordic co-operation on transport

07.05.20 | News
Johannes Jansson/
The Nordic ministers for transport want to strengthen co-operation in the transport sector. The ministers held an informal digital meeting on 7 May and agreed to increase co-operation in a number of areas, with an emphasis on green and sustainable solutions.

The transport sector is playing an important role in the green transition, with developments rapidly shifting towards a higher degree of electrification in transportation, with more sustainable fuels and investments in a future infrastructure that is more sustainable. Many transport movements involve crossing borders, and so the Nordic ministers for transport wish to explore which areas could warrant greater co-operation.

Several specific and potential areas for co-operation were mentioned at the meeting, and the ministers agreed to appoint a working group tasked with identifying those areas that are best suited to co-operation within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The ministers also discussed COVID-19 and in particular the challenges faced when re-opening societies following the pandemic. The ministers noted that the Nordic countries face similar challenges and can learn a lot from each other.

Spotlight on sustainable solutions

In 2019, the Nordic Council of Ministers adopted a new vision with the objective of being the most sustainable region in the world by 2030. Achieving this requires pan-Nordic cross-sectoral initiatives, including in the transport sector.

At the meeting, the Nordic ministers for transport stressed the importance of investing in sustainable solutions.

“The Danish government has a clear goal of reducing Denmark’s total CO2 emissions by 70 percent by the year 2030. We can succeed only if we also contribute in the area of transport. Consequently, I’m working actively to ensure that there is a clear green agenda in the agreements I conclude and the decisions I make as minister for transport over the coming years, because there is no doubt as to the immensity and seriousness of the climate challenges we face. The close co-operation we have between the Nordic countries is therefore something incredibly positive. It’s important that we have a strong, green Nordic Region as inspiration for ourselves and the rest of the world,” says Denmark’s Minister for Transport Benny Engelbrecht, who chaired the meeting.