New Nordic Food to fund sustainable development projects

12.03.19 | News
Barnens matmarknad, Københavns Madhus
Københavns Madhus

Children’s food market in Copenhagen

Do you have an exciting idea for a project that would help develop Nordic food culture? New Nordic Food is now accepting funding applications for new forms of collaboration that will contribute to sustainable development. Priority will be given to projects dealing with food in the public sector, sustainable development, communications and food tourism.

It is now 15 years since the manifesto for New Nordic Food kick-started an astounding transformation in Nordic food culture. Views on food have changed in the Nordic countries and the Nordic Region is now an international food pioneer.

The global food system faces unprecedented challenges and the New Nordic Food movement still has an important role to play in the day-to-day lives of the people of the Region as well as being a source of ongoing inspiration for new ideas and ways of working together.

"The Nordic Council of Ministers’ work on New Nordic Food is all about harnessing the energy generated by our gastronomy to encourage as many people as possible to benefit from its positive results. This is reflected in the call for funding applications," says Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller, Senior Adviser to the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Bearing in mind the challenges we face, the steering group is looking for projects that will generate long-term, sustainable results.

Arnljótur Bjarki Bergsson, chair of the Steering Group for New Nordic Food

Global challenges set the frameworks the food of the future

The Steering Group for New Nordic Food hopes that this call for funding applications will bring together all the positive forces within Nordic food culture and engage many more people, organisations and companies. Particular emphasis will be placed on projects that further refine ideas about Nordic food and its importance in the future, encourage strong networks and new opportunities for the Nordic countries to work together, convey knowledge and make a long-term impact.

Arnljótur Bjarki Bergsson, chair of the steering group and Chief Impact officer at Matís in Iceland comments on the criteria for applications.

“Bearing in mind the challenges we face with global warming, declining biodiversity and widespread food waste, of course the steering group is looking for projects that will generate long-term sustainable results.”

Over the years, New Nordic Food has funded various types of projects that have helped shape Nordic food culture and build networks.

Food in the public sector, food culture and sustainable tourism

All ideas, partnerships and projects that meet the objectives and criteria are welcome to apply but the Steering Group is particularly interested in:

  • food in the public sector, e.g. schools and kindergartens
  • sustainable development and communication about Nordic food culture and the Nordic diet
  • sustainable food tourism.

The total budget is DKK 1.5 million and projects may apply for up to DKK 600,000. Deadline for applications: 1 May 2019.

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